Fire rescue modification


Rescue Trailer comes to the global market with a completely new solution for logistics and security needs. With its innovative design, it responds to years of consultation with government representatives from professional firefighters, rescue services and the military.

- Low purchase costs

- Low storage costs

- Lower transport costs to the site (up to 8 times per trailer)

- Lower costs for moving the intervening units

- Low-cost mobile and energy-independent site

- Rapid evacuation of civilians to a safe zone

(behind cars and trucks)

- Safe perimeter for intervening units (possibility of certified ballistic protection)

- Provides facilities for basic medical treatment

- Provides facilities with drinking water, food and equipment

The Rescue Trailer is homologated for moving on the road and can be towed behind cars and trucks, allowing it to be towed by a towing eye or ball hitch.

The rugged chassis components, along with 33" wheels, allow for excellent clearance through difficult terrain or debris after a natural disaster strikes.

Access to the Rescue Trailer is wheelchair accessible with the elderly, children and injured in mind. The rigid structure also provides a safe base for moving people or as a rescue site.

If necessary, two light alloy stretchers can be used to move injured persons. The trailer is fitted with a tipping ramp to allow quick and safe loading.

When handling loads, for example during extensive flooding, it is possible to use a folding crane and thus load loads on the roof area with a total weight of up to 750Kg.

We are pushing the capabilities of the rescue services. Our aim is to provide its professional and volunteer staff with safe and quality facilities to perform their tasks in all possible scenarios of use.