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The Rescue Trailer builds on our years of experience in the field of engineering for the automotive industry, with the novelty of logistics for the military and emergency services. It is a purely Czech company that also relies on the experience and background of its business partner Knott, a leading manufacturer of trailer technology. Thanks to this partnership, we offer not only innovative solutions for the trailer itself and its equipment, but also very robust and reliable components for axles, brakes, drawbars, etc., which we develop and test in cooperation with the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. After our presentation at the Future Forces trade fair in Prague in October 2022, the Rescue Trailer attracted a lot of attention and interest not only from Czech and Slovak delegations, for whom we are currently preparing a logistics demonstration day, but also from representatives of armies and rescue services from all over the world. It is an innovative solution of a storable, robust and affordable trailer that can be equipped according to the customer's specifications and adapted to their needs. It is thus perfectly suited for the logistics needs of people and material, evacuation, as a mobile base or for direct use in combat, where it can serve as a base with ballistic protection. The production capacity of the Rescue Trailer is fully prepared for the serial production of a homologated trailer. We also offer tender financing for the purchase of our trailers through the Czech Export Bank or the financial group BFF Central Europe. 

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